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Go to Ahmedabad
Go walk the streets of Baroda,
go to Ahmedabad,
go breathe the dust
until you choke and get sick
with a fever no doctor's heard of.
Don't ask me 
for I will tell you nothing
about hunger and suffering.

And suffering is
When I walk around Ahmedabad
for this is the place 
I always loved
this is the place
I always hated
for this is the place
I can never be at home in
this is the place
I will always be at home in.
Suffering is 
When I'm in Ahmedabad
after ten years
and I learn for the first time
I will never choose
to live here. Suffering is
living in America
and not being able
to write a damn thing
about it. (...)

Sujata Bhatt, da Brunizem, Carcanet 1988

El Ghibli is a wind that blows from the desert, hot and dry. It's the wind of the nomads, of travel and migration, the wind that accompanies and dries the errant word. The impalpable and whirling word, that is everywhere and nowhere, that is of all and of none, contaminated and shared.

It's the word of writing which crosses that of other writings, settling among them and covering them with the dust of its own travels, of the ones of man itself and of his unceasing travel through life.

What distinguishes migrancy, the migrant writing, apart from the language in which it expresses itself? The multiple identity which composes it, the stratification of destinies and future projects that guides its voice. An ever different formula, which happens to be always another, foreign even to itself, endlessly renovating its own volatile essence.

El Ghibli, the review of the wind, is the first one with an editorial staff formed by migrant writers. It is the collaborative union of distinct individualities, each one being an expression of an alchemic composition absolutely unique and unrepeatable, the result of a personal and composite biological and cultural history which through difference draws together stories and destinies.

To bring therefore to life a project of literature which, starting from migrancy, may reconsider consciously the written word of the migrant man, the one who leaves, who forever loses and forever recovers.

A project of literature on both real and motionless travel.

Consequently the four principal sections of the review: "Short stories and poems", for migrant writers in Italy, who utilize Italian as a language of literary expressionr; "Words from the world", for non-Italian migrant writers in the world; "Guest Room", a tribute of hospitality towards the Italian and foreign sedentary writers - the motionless travellers - with whom it is always more necessary to interact and collaborate for a mutual enriching. "Rising Generation", dedicated to boys and children, both Italian and migrant, is conceived in order to be a synthesis of all the other sections, a bet on a future in which all this will be finally obvious: the supernational importance of our necessity of oral and written communication, the ordinary transhumance of our destiny of word creators, the sacredness of words more and more contaminated and bastard which will survive us, of those "relics - as defined by the Hungarian writer Deszo Kosztolànyi - sanctified by suffering and disfigured by passion".

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