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requiem for a seafarer

mauro bogdanovic

Perhaps now your spirit                     
        flutters like a baby bee            
or breathes with the rhythm of cicadas.      
        If your body does not fear now     
                              the affront  
of a justice                               
                that no longer concerns you 
and that only in a cold nose still appears      
                from under the sheet,                                                 
you will forgive those                      
                who did not understand      
you were leaving us.                       

And if in death you opened doors        
                closed to you while in life,    
may the doors you closed or opened 
                              while in life                                                      
be light ones, and may no destiny               
                  you did not look for         
and did not desire                             
                  disturb your sleep.          
Requiesce in peace                                    
                  as you asked              
after the last landing                            
                       of your life.         
May what you did not forget                  
                       be rendered to you    
and may the eternal moment                   
                       have the colour       
of the sea’s repose:                         
translated by Brenda Porster

Mauro A. Bogdanovic was born in Fiume of a Montenegrin father and an Italo-Croatian mother. Genoese by adoption, he is a writer, translator and publisher’s consultant. He has written two novels, two collections of poetry and numerous short stories as well as critical works. He has translated more than ten works of literature, history, philosophy and economics from several different languages. He has worked in Rome as a mathematician and physicist on the EEC artificial intelligence project Esprit and for IBM in Milan, Genoa and Brussels. He was voluntary professor of the History of Scientific Thought at the University of Genoa and has worked with the department of the Histoire des Mentalités at the Sorbonne in Paris. His novel La Vacanza – a pitiless, ironic study of the discomforts of adolescence – was published last June by Il Filo, Rome.

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Anno 4, Numero 19
March 2008



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