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an honest man

rudyard fearon

an honest man

something is telling me to go over there -
to cross the river and meet my nemesis
to shake hands with him
to look him in the eyes
and tell him i understand

to tell him i once was like him
i hated and i craved for the things
that were not mine but-
i crossed the river
and saw the other side

something is telling me but-
i am not that kind of man.

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culture street

rudyard fearon

Culture Street

Isn’t there a visible kin
         on Culture Street?

I’m longing to rap
Way back in that old dialect.

Pardon me please, sir,
But…have you got a turban to spare?

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the journey

rudyard fearon

The Journey

don’t know don’t care where this road leads
i will follow it to the end
no use turning back now
no use making regrets

the sun is coming down on me
the darkness has blinded me
no use turning back
no use making regrets

i hear them echoes behind me
their howling no longer frighten me
let them howl! i too will howl!
no; they won’t frighten me!
no, they don’t frighten me, anymore.

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Anno 8, Numero 33
September 2011



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